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About Me

About me...

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with cooking and baking. I love to do it. I hate to clean up. When my daughters were young I enjoyed creating fun seasonal treats I would see in magazines for school parties. Then the rules changed and we couldn’t send homemade treats anymore. I lost a lot of interest when that decision was made.

Now my girls are older and on their own leaving us with an empty nest. I’m an Oma with a grandson and a granddaughter.

My husband, Kiyu, and I moved to Texas from Missouri in 2013 for the same reason most people move here…a job. And, no, it wasn’t oil and gas. The move was a shock to my system for sure. Our older daughter and grandson stayed in Missouri.  Our youngest daughter came with us and attended University of Houston. After graduating with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees she lives and works in Houston. Kiyu and I downsized and settled in North Houston at the end of 2016. We love to travel together but he also travels for work so it made sense to have a smaller space.  A cookie business in that smaller space didn’t make as much sense but I certainly make it work.

I took my first cookie class at the end of the year in 2017. It really was love. And I thought it would be a great hobby to have. Something that would be tasty and easy to do. Let’s just say it was always tasty but not easy. There were some bad words thrown around…often. Since that first class I took an additional class from her and two classes each from other local ladies. During the quarantine I’ve taken many many online classes and read countless articles in an effort to continue to improve my baking and decorating.

If y’all think 2020 is a year to remember (and it is) it actually ranks right up there with 2018 for me. My dad died around lunchtime on May 1st. As we were in the car headed to Missouri my husband’s doctor called and said he needed additional testing on a swollen lymph node in his neck. Diagnosed in July. Six months of chemo started in August. That’s when the real cookie making started. I was making cookies and mailing them to our family and friends as a means of therapy. I really do find the baking and decorating to be soothing and therapeutic. It was a quiet, stay-at-home activity that could keep my hands and my mind busy. I’ll always look back at that time with an appreciation for this amazing distraction and how I know without a doubt that it was my saving grace. Kiyu’s cured! He’s rechecked every six months and that’s just part of our life now. So between the cookies I made to take with us to appointments and the hats (over 300) I made to donate for patients there will always be a realization for me that coping strategies look different for everyone. And they are very necessary. So is the support of friends and family and wine. Lots of wine.

After telling anyone that would ask me that I’d never start a cookie business here we are. Never say never, right?!? A few weeks shy of 50 when I decided to do this makes it almost laughable but I hope it can also be inspiring to someone that wants to take a leap of faith and is letting age hold them back.

One of my favorite things in the world is being a wife, mom and an Oma. My little crew will never have to question my love and affection for them. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of. I love them with a genuine and sincere heart that’s also silly and fun but I also don’t take any crap. For me, that’s the best kind of love to give and receive. My grandson is my biggest fan and is always asking me to send a package of cookies. Thanks to the mail, he gets a lot of broken or messed up cookies and he doesn’t care. Just send the cookies!

For whatever reason, baked goods is how I show love. I rarely pass up a bakery during a shopping excursion without finding something for my husband. He has always found it to be endearing. Now he requests my chocolate chip cookies all the time. Can do!

Another fun fact is I love aprons. I can’t really explain it but I can perfectly explain it. That’s how confusing it is even to me! More than 75% of the time if I’m online to shop for something (and it doesn’t matter what) I end up looking at aprons. I think I was born in the wrong era! I don’t want to wear heels while I cook but I’d love to have all of those aprons I would see on TV.

I have an infinite appreciation for the cookier community that I have found on Facebook.  Their guidance, inspiration and willingness to share has been the force behind my decision.  Knowing that there is a group of people willing to help you along the way is pretty powerful.  I feel like I’ve lost my creative self during the tedious tasks of getting everything else in place so I give a lot of artistic credit to those that have posted pictures of their cookie sets and kept me inspired!  I look forward to giving back to this community as much as they have given to me!

So that’s a little about us and how we got here. I’m sure this section will evolve with me so check back from time to time.